Minggu, 12 Januari 2014


my lovely winged demon
God gave you wings to fly away
fly away from me
forgotten soul, nobody cares for your pain.

the wounds were visible for me,my love
our broken hearts went together
for a rollercoaster ride
where we could only live or die

you left me alone to die
and you i lived
that was our live,baby
you were up
i was down
i'm forever gone, darling

your repressed thoughts
i never saw the cause of your wrecked soul
but i felt the pain
you did
in your eyes,
in your skin
i could feel everything

you took everything i had
and gave nothing for me to hold
you are my demon
and an angel i like to call
when my heart feels sad

never come back
because my soul will always want you,
want you back

(via nocturnal )

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